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Paimensukuinen lapinkoira –
Finnish Lapphund originating from the dog population with herding background

Paimensukuinen lapinkoira is the name for the dogs registered as Finnish Lapphud that stem from dog families that were known to have working background in reindeer husbandry in the Northern parts of Finland, Norway and Sweden. In this stock we aim at preserving the essence of the ancient reindeer herding dogs of Lapland paying special attention to the type, structure and behaviour of the dog. To preserve this dog, an association called Paimensukuisen Lapinkoiran Seura ry was founded in 1981.

The structure of paimensukuinen lapinkoira is long with low posture. The way they carry their tail varies according to their mood and movements. The dogs have the well angulated limbs of a working dog and they move with agility and speed.

The stock still holds almost all the original colours: wolf grey, black and white, all shades of black with light and/or tan markings, all shades of tan with light markings, smoke, cream, wheaten, sable, blue and all kinds of stripes.

The kind and sociable paimensukuinen lapinkoira is the ideal companion for a nature lover, a working dog for a farmer, and the best friend of a city dweller with or without children. At its best the paimensukuinen lapinkoira is sociable, good tempered and lively but at the same time calm and docile. It is clever and learns easily everything it considers meaningful. They are cunning enough to make excellent companions.

First and foremost, the paimensukuinen lapinkoira needs a human companion, a close relationship with his owner is essential for his wellbeing. As such he is well adapted to life in a city. He must not be condemned to life as a lonely dog at an end of a chain on the yard.

A number of these dogs are still employed in their original duty as reindeer herders. They are also used on farms as shepherds for lambs and cattle. Paimensukuinen lapinkoira is well adapted to many dog sports, such as agility, obedience and tracking. Reindeer herding skills can be tested in the annual reindeer herding event or in various training camps with lambs.